Stump Sprouts Conditions

Clearing debris today

A huge thank you to Tim and Henry who helped clear Truck Stop yesterday!!!

.Winter recreation : No charge for trail use. I donate my time to maintain this trail system. Donations to cover out of pocket expenses and equipment maintenance are appreciated but not expected. .

Current Conditions;

There is 12-14" on the ground in open areas, 5-6" under the hemlocks

Last Friday we had about 5 inches of snow that started out as freezing rain. This left a lot of bent over branches and downed limbs on the trails. I spent Sat. & Sun. and got about half the trails to the point I could get through with a snowmobile.

Yesterday we got a storm that started out as wet snow, changed for a time to rain and then ended with several inches of powder. The weight of this snow added to the weight still on the trees brought down a bunch more trees. This next storm sounds like a similar situation starting with large numbers of trees already near their breaking points. Amounts of ice/snow/wind will be critical factors in determining how much new damage will occur.

If you have time & energy and want to clear trails, text me at 802-391-7499. I could use a couple of volunteer brush haulers today. If you have a chainsaw and are comfortable using it under these conditions do contact me. If you are interested in volunteering to take on a stretch of trail today, do contact me by 10 AM.

XC skiing: closed

Snowshoeing: closed

Fat biking/ mountain biking: closed

Hiking/Trail running: closed.

Rentals: not today

Do visit for rental instructions!

West Hill Road conditions: Plowed, slippery in spots.

Parking - plowed, slippery in spots.

Dogs - okay today