Conditions at Stump Sprouts

  • Thu Apr 6 2023 7:55 AM

    That's all folks

    ....time to rest the trails until lingering snow departs and the woods dry up.

    Stump Sprouts trails are open year round for hiking, mountain biking, running, dog walking, nature study , etc.

    From time to time, I post stuff here during the off season.

    Fat biking. closed

    Mountain biking. closed until things dry out

    XC skiing: closed

    Snow shoeing:

    Hiking/Trail running: closed until it dries up



Conditions at Notchview

  • Fri Apr 7 2023 5:24 PM

    Closed for the Season - still snow in the woods for dedicated pass holders


    Today's Forecast: cloudy, high of 42
    Snowfall last 24 hours: 0
    Snow base: 0-7"
    Snow surface: granular

    Open Trails:

    Classical: 0km
    Skating: 0km
    Backcountry: 0km
    Snowshoe: closed
    Fat Biking: closed


    The Lodge is officially closed for the season, although it will be unlocked this week from 9am - 5pm with staff working to close the building for the season. The fields are


Conditions at Northfield Mountain

  • Fri Mar 24 2023 1:32 PM

    March 24, 2023 trails open for hiking. Skiing is closed for the season.

    Mud season is beginning so please leave horses and bicycles at home now through the end of April. Patches of snow and ice will alternate with soft, muddy trail surfaces. Hikers may want traction devices especially in the mornings before temperatures rise above freezing.

    The weekend forecast: A mix of sleet and rain Saturday with temps in the 30's. Becoming sunny and windy Sunday with


Conditions at Maple Corner Farm

  • Sun Apr 9 2023 6:44 PM

    Closed for skiing

    We are closed for skiing

    Available sales of maple syrup, maple products, jam, jelly, fruit butters, specialty foods and grass fed Beef by appointment

Conditions at Canterbury Farm

  • Thu Mar 23 2023 7:49 AM

    Closed for the Season

    Thank you for visiting Canterbury Farm. We appreciate your support! See you next season.

    If you wish to visit during the summer, we have lodging available. Please contact us by email if you wish to book.