Stump Sprouts Conditions

Rock skiing at best ... fat biking improving with use

1-2" of powder over a 2"crusty base. Marginal cover you may hit rocks, metal bridge decks, etc. if you ski it. Fat biking conditions are improving. Almost all trails have been ridden in. The more use they get, the better it will be. Too thin to groom.


Not available until we get more snow

West Hill Road conditions

Plowed and sanded.

Plowed parking availability

plowed, not sanded. Icy. be careful

Bathroom...Weekends only...when we have skiing

Closed until we re-open for skiing

Hint...a little yellow snow away from everything is okay, too.

Classic cross country skiing

Marginal cover. No grooming as of this moment. Rock skiing if you want to give it a go.


Not until we get more snow

Winter biking

Improving by the day.



Today's Dog policy

Dogs okay .