Stump Sprouts Conditions

2" new snow

2" of new snow over an 18" base on the trails. I am going to set new track on some trails this morning. Expect changeable conditions today and the days ahead as the temperatures rise above freezing during the day and get cold again late in the day and overnight.

As always, check here to confirm status just before coming up. We may take off for a day or two this week.

FYI:The woods off trail is 24" deep with a breakable crust layer 4" down with powder underneath.


XC skis and Snowshoes available .

Most days: Available after 9 AM daily. See New procedure:

Payment: Cash (exact change), check, or Venmo. Instructions when you get here

West Hill Road conditions

Plowed, sanded,


Icy in careful!

Bathroom...Weekends only....If you really need it.

We do have one bathroom at the farmhouse accessible via the woodshed. Try to take care of your needs before leaving home. Hint...a little yellow snow away from everything is okay, too.

Classic cross country skiing




Winter biking

With new snow, we are again closing for fat biking. I see a freeze/thaw forecast for next week. Could be there will be good early morning F.B. conditions


No hiking today.

Today's Dog policy

Fresh new snow, delicate tracks. No Dogs today.

Visitation subject to: COVID-19 Travel Order


Send us some love*

We haven’t been charging for skiing this year. Back in early December, we didn’t anticipate the convergence of XC skiing and pandemic-induced cabin fever on top of a run of good conditions, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a few years.. We also expected that we would be able to rent the lodge continuously during the winter season.

The decision to not charge was based on our not being able to provide a warming room and a desire to encourage self-reliance during the pandemic by not providing a contact station, ski patrol or maps.

Ironically, in our busiest year in a couple of decades, our revenues are 10% of normal this winter.

Travel restrictions shut down lodging inquiries from NY and CT. This has left us with empty prime weekends at the lodge.

It has been almost a year since we hosted a full service weekend for groups. No idea when we will be able to return to the days of old.

That said,

We are not without means at this stage of our lives and thus feel more fortunate than other similarly affected businesses. Nonetheless, many people have expressed a desire to contribute something to this operation.

It does takes time; I have more of that than usual.

And money; Thousands every season to keep lots plowed, downed trees cut, trails mowed and groomed.

* Sometimes “Donation” implies that you must donate. This is not our intention.

We feel honored to provide something healthy, uplifting and fun during this challenging time.


I have been counseled to graciously accept appreciation when offered.

Things you could do:

* Put something in the orange coffee can in the rental area.

* Send us a check. Payable to Stump Sprouts and sent to 64 West Hill Road, Hawley, MA 01339

* Send us something via Venmo : @Suzanne-Crawford-24 (if prompted, the last 4 digits of the phone associated with this account are 4832)