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7-Area Sampler Passes. Good For 2 Years! Now Available

Thinking about a gift for that xc skier or snowshoe enthusiast in your life that already has all the hats/gloves/gear they could possibly need? What about a pass for yourself or your family that you can get for FREE?

Maybe you know someone who has always talked about these sports but has yet to try them. Perhaps you know a runner or a cyclist who is looking for new activities to stay fit during the winter. These cards make great gifts for all kinds of people.

How it works: For only $55.00, these passes are good for one visit to each of our 7 member areas. The passes are good for two years from date of issue. . Explore, try someplace new, and support local skiing!

How can I get one for free?: Many health insurance policies will reimburse you for the cost of participating in activities that keep you fit and healthy. Before purchasing a pass, check your health plan to see if you qualify and what is required for reimbursement. You must purchase this card through this website so that we can issue cards in the names of those for whom you seek reimbursent and provide you with letter/receipt that you can provide your insurance carrier with that describes the 7 Area Sampler Pass Program.

Where does the money go? Proceeds will be used to promote cross country skiing and snowshoeing in Western Massachusetts and the healthy benefits of being active outdoors in the winter and the joy that goes along with it!

How do I buy passes? Many ways.

*Click the button below to purchase passes using your PayPal account or your credit card. You will receive your card(s) promptly in the mail.

* Or, you can mail a check made payable to WMCCSA with a self addressed, stamped envelope. You could address the envelope to whomever you like and you could enclose a personal note - we will slip your card(s) into the envelope and send it out.

Our address is:

WMCCSA, c/o Stump Sprouts, 64 West Hill Road, Hawley, MA 01339